Levity Creations: creating an "open world" video game experience.

This project began with the goal to create a 3D explorable Bob Ross painting. The project was an Alpha test on a larger project focused on creating short open world video game environments, where a 3rd person player can tour, traverse and survive native landscapes replete with archaeological and anthropological context.

This scene is based in Rocky Mountain National Park and the Longs Peak area. Satellite data of the region was used to assist in the creation of the terrain. This exploration based Open World game sets the player as an Arapaho native american. The journey starts in a valley with lake, waterfall, trees, boulders and detailed foliage. Outside the valley, the detail of foliage and rock is replaced with smooth textured terrain. As the player climbs, the terrain highlights the detailed cliff faces of the rugged summit. The player can climb to the summit of Longs Peak.

Aimee Ceramics Mug 3D scan with amazing render!

We utilized a new 3D scanning studio setup to capture a beautiful mug by Aimee Ceramics. Aimee Ceramics is a longtime client of Levity Creations. The final render in the video below shows amazing digital reflection on the ceramic glaze! We are using processes that take advantage of Physical Based Rendering workflows and methods. We are proud of the development and look forward to more utilization of these new technologies. Below is a video of the 3D rendered Mug, with camera movements only available via robotics in traditional video shooting.

Pacific Concrete Solutions

Levity Creations was happy to be part of Pacific Concrete Solutions showreel of exceptional concrete work and forming. The following 3D models were created using the process of photogrammetry via images shot from a drop and group photography. The process then goes to computer process and finally online hosting for an explorative 3 dimensional experience.

Olowalu Petroglyphs in Maui, Hawaii

Went out to Olowalu in Maui Hawaii to 3D scan (3D Photography) of petroglyphs, potentially made by native Hawaiians. This is a fantastic show of what is believed to be petroglyphs from over 300 years ago in Maui Hawaii!

The above scanned model is of the rock face with the petroglyphs.

See if you can identify the origional vs. forgeries and vandalism.

The above scanned model is of the rock cliff and bluff that the rock petroglyphs are on

Hawaiian Petroglyphs on Maui Hawaii! This model shows the petroglyphs and the surrounding area, including cliffs and a bluff above.

Red filter added for underwater coloring

In the operations of 3D photography and capturing underwater coral and environments we have not been using a "red" filter. This model is the first using a red filter for the camera setup and the result is fantastic in its coloring. See, water does a really good job at filtering the red in the light spectrum. Therefor when you dive underwater the first colors to leave include the reds... adding a red filter to the camera setup brings those reds back into the scene