Cliff Jumping

If you've ever gone cliff jumping, you know the feeling... The unbearable overthinking that stops what would be a good jump... then once you stop thinking and count down (or have some else count down for you) the leap is made! What a feeling when you surface and all the fear and trepidation ceases. 

Today I went cliff jumping. Not for the first time. So my trepidation was much less. Once you learn how to do it once, then again and again and again; the trepidation can be less... and so it seems in other "Jumps" in life. Those big things you have not done before. Those big decisions that will change your future. Yet in all this... sometimes when you make that jump and realize that the feeling that so strongly held you back...was just that... a feeling, now replaced by elation. 

I shot and edited the piece called "Cliff Jumping" in one day. I used a new anamorphic lens, a Go Pro Fusion and a Mavic Pro for the shots in the film. The music I also put together from samples... A fun experience I now get to share with you.