Climbing Makawao: “Narnia”

A climb called Narnia 

In the winter month of January in Maui Hawaii... not the typical winter day. A group of climbers went out to visit the much talked about “Narnia”. Brad Falcon, the leader of the trip had coined the name with his son Christian Falcon up entering the climbing area after pushing through a jungle to see the exposed cliff faces! 

I captured the rock wall with a drone and then using a method called photogrammetry made a 3D model of the “Narnia” wall. This was later used as a 3D backdrop for the parallax rendered intro piece. 

Narnia climb rendered video: link

Sketchfab model link


Parallax was made through merging photography with a 3D scene and 3D camera movements.

Music was played using software instruments, played by David Herring, playing the compositional theme from the Disney’s Narnia movie.