Levity Creations: creating an "open world" video game experience.

This project began with the goal to create a 3D explorable Bob Ross painting. The project was an Alpha test on a larger project focused on creating short open world video game environments, where a 3rd person player can tour, traverse and survive native landscapes replete with archaeological and anthropological context.

This scene is based in Rocky Mountain National Park and the Longs Peak area. Satellite data of the region was used to assist in the creation of the terrain. This exploration based Open World game sets the player as an Arapaho native american. The journey starts in a valley with lake, waterfall, trees, boulders and detailed foliage. Outside the valley, the detail of foliage and rock is replaced with smooth textured terrain. As the player climbs, the terrain highlights the detailed cliff faces of the rugged summit. The player can climb to the summit of Longs Peak.