Seeing underwater in 3D

This past week we have taken a few dives to capture underwater coral. We used underwater housing for the camera and took many photos to capture a scene. The photos are then edited for color, contrast and file type. These files are then run through another program to extract the 3D data and texture from those photos. We then run these results through another program for video and finally for 3D interaction via desktop, laptop and phone. These 3D models can be viewed in Augmented Reality style, whereby a user can place the model in their room environment and walk around the scene. Or they can view via mobile virtual reality and finally viewing the model in a general rotate-able 3D scene on a scene. 

A video of a 3D model created from this shoot. Very photo realistic

This is a simplified version of the 3D model from the video above. The simplification is for a quality viewing expereince for the web and mobile devices. Wait for blue bar on top to load up the textures (Otherwise it looks weird:)

A simplified version of the 3D model from the video above. The simplification is for a quality viewing expereince for the web and mobile devices

Aimee Ceramics Booth Wall AR Experience

Aimee Brewer is an amazing Porcelain Ceramics Artist. She has been a client of Levity Creations for years. She is currently displaying her work in Seattle Washington. We teamed up with Aimee to create a quick and rough Augmented Reality Experience. Aimee shot some video which we then extracted data from to bring these interactive 3D models of her work to display!

View more of Aimee’s work at

Pacific Whale Foundation Molokini Island Project


We are pleased to announce the launch of a fully immersive and interactive 3D Molokini Island for the Pacific Whale Foundation. In the fall of 2017 the Pacific Whale Foundation was excited to see our work in drone photogrammetry 3D modeling. Pacific Whale asked if we could provide them with a solution for training boat captains and staff using the technology. The model we created includes highlighted areas of interest and marking moorings in the bay.

Pacific Whale is a pleasure to work with. The staff notably Blake Moore and Captain Aaron have been excellent partners in within Pac Whale to help this project become a success.

Climbing Makawao: “Narnia”

A climb called Narnia 

In the winter month of January in Maui Hawaii... not the typical winter day. A group of climbers went out to visit the much talked about “Narnia”. Brad Falcon, the leader of the trip had coined the name with his son Christian Falcon up entering the climbing area after pushing through a jungle to see the exposed cliff faces! 

I captured the rock wall with a drone and then using a method called photogrammetry made a 3D model of the “Narnia” wall. This was later used as a 3D backdrop for the parallax rendered intro piece. 

Narnia climb rendered video: link

Sketchfab model link


Parallax was made through merging photography with a 3D scene and 3D camera movements.

Music was played using software instruments, played by David Herring, playing the compositional theme from the Disney’s Narnia movie. 

Cliff Jumping

If you've ever gone cliff jumping, you know the feeling... The unbearable overthinking that stops what would be a good jump... then once you stop thinking and count down (or have some else count down for you) the leap is made! What a feeling when you surface and all the fear and trepidation ceases. 

Today I went cliff jumping. Not for the first time. So my trepidation was much less. Once you learn how to do it once, then again and again and again; the trepidation can be less... and so it seems in other "Jumps" in life. Those big things you have not done before. Those big decisions that will change your future. Yet in all this... sometimes when you make that jump and realize that the feeling that so strongly held you back...was just that... a feeling, now replaced by elation. 

I shot and edited the piece called "Cliff Jumping" in one day. I used a new anamorphic lens, a Go Pro Fusion and a Mavic Pro for the shots in the film. The music I also put together from samples... A fun experience I now get to share with you. 


In The Heart of the Pacific

In the heart of the Pacific. The most isolated island chain waits. 

We are working on a project in the heart of the pacific ocean and the Hawaiian Islands. We are working on 3D modeling an island for use by a local non profit. This project has expanded our operations and brought new challenges that have turned into new solutions for our business.

Today along with taking many images and videos we were privileged to hear the song of ocean bound travelers. These migrating humpback whales travel a great distance. Under their own power they travel from Alaska to these warm protective set of islands.

We are privileged to be working with an organization that helps protect these marine mammals!