dive in the water - Traverse over land -  Fly in the sky

Wherever you need to capture the moment, the environment or the experience we are here to help


Simplified versions of output data for viewing on the web of aerial scans

Multi-Media and Experience Design (XD)

3D Content Creation

  • Capture and create 3D interactive world spaces:

    • Underwater(WATER)

    • TERRESTRIAL (Land) 

    • Aerial (Sky)

  • Provide commercial drone services (Fully LICENCEd aNd Insured):


    • Photogrammetry

    • Lidar

    • Hyperspectral and Multi Spectral Scanning

    • Photography

    • Videography

  • Processing Spatial Data for visualizations and interactive experiences

    • Rednered Imagry

    • Rendered Video

    • Rendered 3D Models and Maps

    • SCENE Rendering

    • Scene Exploration through AR and VR

    • Merged Data sets: i.e. Photogrammetry and Lidar outputs


  • create beautiful promotional videos

  • Develop Visual Effect (VFX)


    • Trade and Show Booth experience development

    • Projection Mapping room experiences 

    • XR Experiences: AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality expereinces

Web Services

  • We build and market websites and web content

    • Website Development

    • E-Commerce development

    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    • Digital Marketing

    • Social Marketing

Mobile Development

  • Build and Develop Mobile Applications:

    • Location based Apps

    • Augmented Reality Apps

Your ability to communicate your product or service is the story of why a potential customer should need it!

CX = create your customer experience 

  • Digital Assets (photos, video, 3D assets, maps) communicate your product or service. Good digital assets can make or break a company, because they are directly tied to the selling of your product or service.
  • If your digital assets do not  answer the why you're probably loosing sales!

A web site or web presence is made of digital assets and digital assets are made through the story you're telling.

Build your story + Build your digital assets

Build your digital assets for near future returns! Customer experience is continual evolving and 3D assets are becoming very valuble to the majority of businesses!

Emerging customer experiences allow for customers to interact with product, locations and environments via smart phones. These experiences include Augmented Reality, Multimedia Websites and Promotional videos.