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 Kimberly Robinson Art

 Kimberly Robinson Art

Kimberly Robinson Art

Kimberly Robinson Art



We are magicians of light!

We capture light under the water on land and in air. From this light we can create images, video, 3D models, maps and spacial experiences.  

 We specialize utilizing new media and technologies to visually tell your story, share an experience, train your employees, educate your clients and sell your products and service.

What is seen...


We capture and develop immersive and powerful soundscapes. Music and audio invokes emotion to any visual experience. We take special care to be experts at the dimension of sound.  

Music and audio are enhanced into multi-media experiences. Audio Environment, Sounds and Music composition enhance your video, web, AR and VR content. 

What is heard...


Since the creation of frame by frame images. Conveying motion brings depth and understanding to you story and message. We specialize in capturing motion, movement and emotion; enhancing and expressing the feeling of movement in our productions.

We are inspired by our own endevours in  Parkour, Longboarding, Stand Up Paddling and Dancing... Whatever includes the beauty of motion... We develop solutions to share it

What is felt...