Our Story


Levity Creations is a multi-media and experience design company. We help shift culture, share our findings and consult others. We are really good at integrating and adapting new technology into businesses, schools/classrooms and artistic/athletic processes. We love what's emerging in media and technology and we want to help you get there.

The company founded in 2006 as a longboard skate brand hosting longboard competitions. Although we found our excellence in sharing stories, creating engaging experiences and helping people integrate new technologies. We gained an understanding of the customer and their need for continual growth, good gear and intuitive implementation. 

Since the days of longboard competitions the company has grown into offering media and experience design, trainings, courses, and even some product development in our back pocket. We thrive on continual exploration and the development of our design process. We love sharing these ground breaking processes with our clients. Our clients love sharing these new technologies with their customers.

The content we create can be experienced on mobile, laptop, desktop or interactive room based set ups. We have experience in developing offerings for businesses, artists/athletes, schools and non-profits who seek to utilize new technologies and media platforms. Our customers want to inspire and engage their audiences and we help them get there. 


Managing Members


David Herring
Managing Memeber

David Herring was trained as an Anthropologist and Curriculum Developer. He has taught and developed media for the last 10 years. He developed media productions, web content, special events, curricula and trainings. He has created engaging content and environments for audiences of every age. 


Frank Herring
Managing Member

Frank Herring has served as a CFO, CPA and in Financing for domestic and international corporations. 


Associates & Staff


Caleb Herring


Caleb Herring is an expert graphic designer! He is also coffee roaster and master baristo!


Daniel Herring

Content Creator

Daniel Herring is a master of light, capturing life within a scene!


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